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Our Services

We are a garden experience company focused on giving you the skills, confidence and materials you need to be successful at whatever gardening project you want to tackle.

Monthly Classes

Our monthly classes are focused on gardening projects that are fun all year long. We highlight a specific garden related craft each month and offer it at multiple dates/locations throughout the month. Most venues we have even set up regular dates so you can plan ahead for your monthly gardening project.

Projects are designed to either be from the garden (ie: made from plants) or for the garden (ie: outdoor living or decor). So whether you have a green thumb, or a black thumb, we’ve got you covered!

Venue partners are often local wineries, breweries, restaurants or hot spots in town. We love being able to partner with hubs in the local community.
Classes are approximately 1.5-2 hours in length. All project materials are included, and we lend you gloves & an apron so that you can just show up and have a great time!

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Special Events

Sometimes projects take longer than 1.5 hours, or we want to add something extra special to the experience. We’ve scheduled these events on weekends so that you have more time to enjoy.

These projects range from cut flower arranging, mosaic stepping stones, bonsai art and much more.

Our venue partners for these workshops also rotate, so you’ll find us at some of your favorite local businesses like B&B’s, event spaces, garden centers and more.
Prices include all materials & supplies that you’ll need.

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Garden Tours

We are also offering a few VIP garden tours this year. As we often work with specialty nurseries to source materials for our other landscaping projects with our sister company (Poplar Point Studio), we want to share those with you in some behind-the-scenes tours. We also just love sharing about gardens, and are scheduling some group bus tours to public gardens and estates in the region.

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Private Events

We love gardening and how much fun these projects can be. Why not make your next party or event a little extra special by adding a take-home garden craft experience?

These custom events are great for bachelorette parties, sorority mixers, team building exercises, kids birthday parties, fundraisers and more!
Start designing your garden experience today!

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