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Kokedama & Macrame

By January 1, 2020

Kokedama & Macrame

Wed, Feb 05 - 2020, 6:00 pm

Cost: $32/person

Seats: 22 seats available

Skill Level: Beginner

Crossroads Bar & Grille

3120 N Triphammer Rd, Lansing, NY 14882

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So what is Kokedama anyway? How about you join us for the workshop and find out firsthand!

Event Details

Enjoy a night of drinking craft beer with friends and getting your hands dirty with live plants at the same time. All materials are included such as a live mini fern, moss, potting mix, macrame string & beads, plus an educated and enthusiastic instructor to walk you through every step of the way!

What to Expect

What’s Included:  Live Mini Fern, Moss, Macrame String & Beads, Potting Mix, Gloves/Apron, Clippers/Scissors

What to Bring: Bag/Box to Carry

Other Considerations

*Credit Cards will NOT be charged until class minimum is met.* No outside food or beverage may be brought in, please and thank you.

About the Instructor


Kalee Doeing is a local artist who has recently fallen in love with plants.  She LOVES teaching about DIY gardening crafts.  Kalee grew up in rural Pennsylvania.  She fostered her love of art through grade school and even has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Ceramic Arts from Wells College, Aurora NY.  Her art has driven her to travel to interesting places like Alaska and Florence.

Her hobbies include hiking, acrylic and watercolor painting, pottery, travel, and spending quality time with her two wonderful kids Savannah and Cole and their dog Rosie.

One day, Kalee hopes to have her own ceramics studio to make her ceramic creations. For now, she just wants to share her passion for art and plants with others!

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