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October 2019

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6 Pumpkin Crafts That Aren’t Jack-o-Lanterns

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Now that it’s October, it’s the perfect time to schedule THE quintessential fall date: a trip to the pumpkin patch. Who doesn’t want to galavant around in their coziest flannel, sipping hot chocolate and picking out the perfect pumpkins to bring home? Of course, it’s easy to get carried away and suddenly find yourself with a miniature pumpkin patch of your own. So, what can you do with all those pumpkins?

Let’s get real—who really has time to carve more than one pumpkin, other than that one neighbor who started decorating for Halloween on September 1st? Lucky for you, we put together this fun collection of ultra-creative, super-easy, and absolutely gorgeous pumpkin crafts to try this year.

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fun ways to reuse dried flowers

Fun Ways to Reuse Dried Flowers

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Now that fall is in full swing in the Finger Lakes, pastel-hued flowers are officially out of season as jewel-tones and harvest themes take over. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t re-purpose blooms from your treasured bouquets or garden beds! Dried flowers make stunning home decor with a little craftiness and a bit of time. If you missed out on our sold-out Dried Flower Wreath event, you can still make some fabulous dried flower crafts at home! Here are some of our favorite creative ideas for dried flowers.

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